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Andrew Levy

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  • EP01 - Evaluating Application Implementations (ID 40)

    • Event: e-Health 2017 Virtual Meeting
    • Type: e-Poster
    • Track: Clinical and Executive
    • Presentations: 1
    • EP01.05 - The High Touch High Tech Approach for mHealth App Success (ID 190)

      Andrew Levy, Self Care Catalysts; Toronto/CA

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      Purpose/Objectives: The purpose is to describe how the high touch high tech approach can be implemented into a mHealth app to improve quality and quantity of data collection.

      Methodology/Approach: We worked closely with Carcinoid Cancer Foundation (CCF) to initiate this approach named Project Zebra. We recruited for both new users and existing registered user of the Carcinoid NETs app. We employed a “High Touch” component as a key feature to drive both acquisition and app usage (engagement). New and returning users were encouraged to fill out an online form to enroll in Project Zebra. Once complete, they were contacted by a coach. This coach helped them complete the demographic data and provided a detailed description of how to use specific health tools within the app. Peoples’ app activity was monitored and the coach followed up with them on a regular basis. On top of the high touch approach, we offered an additional incentive labelled health currency to this process. This incentive was designed to allow people to see that there is financial value to the data that they recorded.

      Finding/Results: Through the recruiting efforts of both the CCF and Self Care Catalysts we report an increased number of new registrations by 150% over a 2-month period. During this time, those that were enrolled in Project Zebra had a 519% increase in the number of in app responses, whereas those that were not enrolled had a -4% change in responses. With respect to the financial incentive, despite its availability, only 35% of individuals met the requirement to receive the financial incentive.

      Conclusion/Implication/Recommendations: The results described herein demonstrate that the use of high touch high tech approach compared to a standard approach yields substantially increased rate of user acquisition, and rate of engagement. The increased use was not solely dependent on the financial aspect as many users who had access to this chose not to complete the required components to receive compensation. This suggests that financial compensation alone does not account for the increase in app engagement, and that it is the human contact that is more important at driving user engagement.

      140 Character Summary: High touch high tech approach for patient engament with mHealth

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