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Daniel Ant

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  • EP02 - From mHealth to Interoperability and Beyond! (ID 42)

    • Event: e-Health 2017 Virtual Meeting
    • Type: e-Poster
    • Track: Clinical and Executive
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    • EP02.03 - NutriMob: An e-Health System to Support Home Enteral Nutrition Programs (ID 123)

      Daniel Ant, Faculty of Computer Sciences, Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio Grande do Sul; Porto Alegre/BR

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      Purpose/Objectives: Enteral Nutrition is defined as the use of dietary foods for special medical purposes, independent of the route of application. It includes tube feeding via nasogastric, nasoenteral or percutaneous tubes. In Home Enteral Nutrition (HEN), many interventions involving dietitian expertise, are needed. The communication between health professionals and caregivers must be clear and direct. Furthermore, acceptance and training of family/caregivers are critical points for the successful of tube feeding treatment. The use of technologies to support professionals and patients, become essencial to reach effectiveness of tube feeding outcomes. This project takes an innovative health knowledge translation approach, to develop the NutriMob, an e-Health system that aims to support the assessment, prescription and monitoring of tube feeding in HEN programs.

      Methodology/Approach: This research project was developed in partnership between the Faculty of Comuter Sciences and the Faculty of Nursing, Nutrition and Physiotherapy (PUCRS/Brazil). To develop the NutriMob system, we used the Open Unified Process, that applies an iterative and incremental approaches to a structured a life cycle, addressing an agile and pragmatic method that focuses on collaborative nature of software development. Also, we used an Unified Modeling Language, to provide a standard way to visualize the design of a system. The content of the computational solution has been obtained by requirements gathering, evaluation and validation of system through regular meetings of the working group and health professionals.

      Finding/Results: The main results were: modeling of computational solution; definition and implementation of the decision-making algorithm; Website development; Android Mobile Application Development. To address the outreach issue, NutriMob is accessible to healthcare professionals and patients through the website and mobile application. To professionals, NutriMob provides evidence-based assessment and prescription of HEN, giving them a computerized clinical decision support. Our approach is to operationalize the paper-based international guidelines about HEN in terms of computerized decision support aids, so that health professionals can easily apply the guidelines to design patient-specific HEN programs. The main features of NutriMob Website are: nutrition assessment (anthropometric and subjective data) nutrition intervention (develops the nutrition prescription, choose of enteral formula, determines the caregivers/families orientation) and nutrition monitoring and evaluation (data from patients). To patients and patient’s families/caregivers, NutriMob is accessible via mobile phones (mobile application) to provide them instructions on how to administer the prescribed HEN and also to send them timely reminders and educational material (in the local language and soon in English), so that they adhere to the treatment. More information about NutriMob is available in: .

      Conclusion/Implications/Recommendations: In a year of activities, the NutriMob was consolidated as a research, focusing on multidisciplinary work and cooperation between professors, students and health professionals. The system has been developed and validated internally. The next steps will be external validation through the use of the system by healthcare professionals and patients.

      140 Character Summary: NutriMob is an innovative e-Health system that aims to support the assessment, prescription and monitoring of tube feeding in Home Enteral Nutrition programs.

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