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Paul Flach

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  • EP04 - The Tango: Standards & Innovative Health Outcomes (ID 44)

    • Event: e-Health 2017 Virtual Meeting
    • Type: e-Poster
    • Track: Clinical and Executive
    • Presentations: 1
    • EP04.01 - Embracing Innovation in Healthcare: Dis-Organize for Disruption (ID 72)


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      Purpose/Objectives: How to "Walk the Talk" on Innovation To provide *practical and demonstrable* designs for implementing "innovative" organizations Innovation does not result from following a linear process - there are organization strategies and methods available to catalyze innovation An explanation on how these strategies and methods can be adopted by Healthcare organizations

      Methodology/Approach: We will look at radically new leadership strategies based on the phenomena of “emergence and complexity behaviour” and how they are employed to enable self-organizing and innovative organizations. Emergence and complexity theory identifies the stimuli for self-organizing behaviour and and the methods for managing this phenomena. We will also look at organizational strategies that deliberately implement a healthy tension between result-oriented analytics and sustainable product development to drastically increase productivity. Opportunity Management is another key method for ensuring that viable innovations are rapidly progressed from ideation, through approvals and delivery while ensuring a focus on optimal value realization.

      Finding/Results: Today’s most innovative analytical organizations are to be found in start-up companies unencumbered by traditional IT and project management paradigms. We will explain why large corporate organizations are grossly outmatched by the emerging data science community who were once looking for a level playing field and now have the upper hand as disrupters in the marketplace. This talk will demonstrate how large private and public corporations are radically changing their organization strategies and development methods to get back into the game as innovators and market disrupters.

      Conclusion/Implication/Recommendations: Organizations in both the public and private health sectors have realized that they need to re-organize and take a deliberate approach to foster and enable innovation especially in the area of data analytics. We will look at the strategies they have implemented. Then based on our extensive knowledge of the Canadian healthcare marketplace, we will then illustrate appropriate tactics and tools Canadian Healthcare organizations can implement.

      140 Character Summary: Innovation is one of the hot topics in Healthcare in recent years. This presentation introduces the concept of the Innovation Based Organization.

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