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Zoe Gordon

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  • OS04 - Mind the Access to Care Gaps (ID 4)

    • Event: e-Health 2017 Virtual Meeting
    • Type: Oral Session
    • Track: Clinical
    • Presentations: 1
    • Coordinates: 6/05/2017, 04:00 PM - 05:30 PM, Room 202CD
    • OS04.03 - Collaborative Design: eReferral Implementation for Addictions and Mental Health Referrals (ID 94)

      Zoe Gordon, Halton Healthcare; Oakville/CA

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      Purpose/Objectives: one-Link is a single point of access for referrals to 10 community addiction and mental health service providers funded by the Mississauga Halton LHIN. one-Link provides screening, information, referral matching and supports to individuals. Led by Halton Healthcare, this initiative in partnership with the Mississauga Halton Central Intake Program have designed and implemented an eReferral solution with functionality to track referral status along the care continuum.

      Methodology/Approach: To enhance process efficiency one-Link collaborates with the Central Intake Program to design and implement an eReferral solution to manage the flow of referrals between referring providers, Central Intake, one-Link and receiving programs. Extensive stakeholder engagement and training was conducted during planning, testing and implementation phases for sustainability within agencies on boarded to this new process. An eReferral solution, designed by Novari Health, was already in operation in the region to manage referrals for diabetes education and regional foot care services. The addiction and mental health eReferral was an expansion of the existing platform to allow a single user to have access to multiple referral pathways. The one-Link eReferral initiative was implemented in phases to ensure sustainability prior to scale and spread. Phase one: referral sources continued to fax the referrals to one-Link and these faxes were transcribed into eReferrals at reception. Referrals are triaged and routed to appropriate programs in the eReferral solution. Receiving programs accept, decline, update referrals in the system. All parties within circle of care are able to see the status and location of the referral. Extensive training was provided for services to increase adoption and use. Additionally, eReferral champion training model was used to build capacity within each organization. Phase two: referrals that were received directly at the correct point of care are re-directed to one-Link via the eReferral solution. Phase Three: engagement of primary care physicians in the region to utilize the eReferral solution to submit and track referrals to addiction, mental health, diabetes and regional foot care program in the region.

      Finding/Results: The eReferral project for addiction and mental health referral management has shown the following benefits: - significant time savings in administrative processes compared to manual/fax based processes. - transparency in referral management between requester, one-Link and receiving programs - single platform for all parties has reducing duplication of referrals to multiple services through the system functionality. one-Link is able to review the status of the previous referral and provide care coordination as needed. - System wide data collection through single access point and single system allows true count of service need, demand and utilization for addiction and mental health services in the Mississauga Halton region.

      Conclusion/Implications/Recommendations: Using extensive stakeholder collaboration in the design and implementation of the eReferral solution for addiction and mental health referrals, one-Link has demonstrated success through enabling a transparent process for both the requester and the receiving program. Wait times and volume of individuals waiting by service type can be measured with live data for continuous quality improvement and priority areas for system improvement in this sector.

      140 Character Summary: Led by Halton Healthcare; the Mississauga Halton Central Intake and one-Link, collaboratively designed and implemented an eReferral solution with Novari Health.

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