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M Macmillan

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  • PS04 - PIA’s to Telehealth: A Journey (ID 13)

    • Event: e-Health 2017 Virtual Meeting
    • Type: Panel Session
    • Track: Clinical and Executive
    • Presentations: 1
    • Coordinates: 6/06/2017, 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM, Room 202CD
    • PS04.02 - Organizational Privacy Transformation:  Award Winning Success & eVisit Case Study (ID 325)

      M Macmillan, OTN; Toronto/CA

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      Purpose/Objectives: OTN is one of the world’s largest telemedicine networks, serving over 300,000 patients using 1600 sites and 3,300 systems. We know that Telemedicine plays an important role in supporting health care transformation and innovation as it enables better integration and quality of care and a more sustainable health care system. We also know that Privacy must not only be a statement at the bottom of a webpage but rather a business differentiator; an integral strategic partner and component of OTN’s business and technology transformational agenda in order to meet the high privacy standards expected of OTN in today’s virtual health care revolution. The presentation will examine a cross-functional team approach, leveraging a case study, to adopting “Privacy by design principles;” building relationships, and the implementation of a holistic approach that seeks end-to-end opportunities to enhance privacy in Telemedicine. We will share how OTN has embedded privacy into the Organization at all levels, including its Project Management Officer (PMO) and the different perspectives on what that means for VP’s, Chief Privacy Officer, Privacy Specialists and Project Managers.

      Methodology/Approach: This presentation will describe the multi-layered/holistic & integrated business approach OTN’s Privacy Team has taken with its eVisit product line to ensure Privacy is an enabler to technology innovation and not a barrier: The approach will focus on the following: Streamlined project management lifecycle & gating process that include key privacy deliverables; privacy threshold assessment (PTA) privacy requirements and safeguards and Privacy Impact Assessments (PIA) Privacy review & PIA results that are translated into a work plan which is shared with/implemented by the project team Risk registry that track and monitor PIA risks and recommendations Introduction of product privacy scorecards for assessing and monitoring results and identifying improvement opportunities

      Finding/Results: The result is the assurance privacy is embedded into technology and telemedicine solutions at the onset of the project management lifecycle. This assurance inspires adoption by health care providers, organizations, and consumers.

      Conclusion/Implications/Recommendations: Privacy is not a barrier. Privacy builds trust and breeds Innovation. Privacy at OTN is more than compliance with legislation. Legislation is the floor and the starting point not the ceiling. OTN’s Privacy Program strives to create and sustain an environment that breeds continuous learning & innovation and champions strategies and tactics that align with and support key organizational initiatives and meet the expectations of consumers, funders, partners and the healthcare community.

      140 Character Summary: Telemedicine plays an important role in supporting health care innovation as it enables better integration & quality of care & a more sustainable health care system.

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