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A. Forsyth

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  • EP01 - e-Poster Session 1 (ID 52)

    • Event: e-Health 2018 Virtual Meeting
    • Type: e-Poster Session
    • Track: Clinical Delivery
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    • EP01.04 - Reducing Data Burden and Improving Data Timeliness (ID 337)

      A. Forsyth, CAD, CIHI; Toronto/CA

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      Purpose/Objectives: CIHI provides comparable and actionable data and information that are used to accelerate improvements in health care, health system performance and population health across Canada. The health information environment is one of proliferating data and data sources, and the capabilities and needs of CIHI’s data submitters and those who access our data have grown and are evolving. To keep pace with the industry, CIHI has initiated a multi-year program that will oversee and influence the modernization of data supply and access models across all of its data holdings. The goal of this program is to accelerate the modernization of CIHI’s data supply and access through business process re-engineering and effective use of new technologies, in order to reduce data burden and improve timeliness.

      Methodology/Approach: CIHI has drafted a white paper to inform a multi-year roadmap and blueprint for its modernization efforts. This focuses on nine key themes: CIHI’s secondary use role in the health care system; what data should be collected; where this data should be sourced; how this data an flow in an automated and efficient manner; timeliness of data; adopting a one person, one record concept for secondary use; internal & external governance; vendor partnerships and data access.

      Finding/Results: The near-term and long-term recommendations from each of these themes will be described during this presentation. Guiding principles that CIHI has established to steer its modernization efforts will also be discussed. These recommendations will support the development of a roadmap that will guide the major changes CIHI will be making to its supply and access chain in the coming years. These changes will impact all healthcare organizations that currently submit data to and consume data from CIHI – as such, change management and stakeholder engagement will be key to successful transformation.

      Conclusion/Implications/Recommendations: Modernization of CIHI’s data supply and access flows will have system-wide impacts. A phased approach is being applied to ensure smooth change management, starting with establishing strong governance structures that will oversee and align the numerous projects that will be undertaken across the organization on this work. Additionally, key projects will be launched in high-value areas such as integrating and automating CIHI’s acute and ambulatory care systems.

      140 Character Summary: Hear about CIHI's multi-year strategy to oversee and influence the modernization of data supply & access models across the country.

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