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R. Riesenbach

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  • PS01 - Leveraging New Innovation Pipelines (ID 5)

    • Event: e-Health 2018 Virtual Meeting
    • Type: Panel Session
    • Track: Executive
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    • PS01.01 - The Largest Investment in Aging and Brain Health Innovation in Canada (ID 49)

      R. Riesenbach, Centre for Aging and Brain Health Innovation, Baycrest Health Sciences; Toronto/CA

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      Purpose/Objectives: Canada is in the midst of an extraordinary demographic transformation --1 in 4 citizens will exceed the age of 65 by 2036. Existing approaches cannot meet this challenge. Governments cannot build enough long-term care facilities, employ enough healthcare professionals or sufficiently tax the diminishing proportion of our labour force. A new approach must be taken which levers technology and partnerships to meet the real-world needs of older adults in a scalable and affordable way. The Centre for Aging and Brain Health Innovation (CABHI), led by Baycrest Health Sciences is a national solution accelerator focused on driving innovation in the aging and brain health sector. Established in 2015 with $124 million funding, CABHI is the largest investment in brain health and aging in Canadian history, and one of the largest investments of its kind in the world. CABHI brings together front-line healthcare providers, scientists, and industry to address the most pressing real-world challenges in the care of older adults. This presentation will highlight CABHI’s unique innovation strategy through case studies which detail the successes and challenges of working with seniors, their care providers, healthcare professionals and progressive companies.

      Methodology/Approach: CABHI provides millions of dollars of funding, mentorship, management and knowledge mobilization services to project-teams across North America. CABHI's four, well-funded programs are overlaid along our innovation pipeline, which has a purposeful “leaky” design so that new technology and service innovations can enter and exit the pipeline as evidence is gathered and refinements are applied. innocation-pipeline[1].jpg

      Finding/Results: After two years of operation, CABHI has supported more than 60 projects levering more than $30M. Evidence is emerging showing CABHI's impact in the following areas: - reducing unnecessary emergency department visits for older adults living with dementia - preventing falls and reducing fall-related injuries in older adults living with dementia - providing better management of complex conditions in home settings for older adults living with dementia - improving brain health and cognitive fitness in older adults Performance data also show changes in the culture of innovation in the older adult sector. Equally important, data is showing the economic impact on companies in Ontario, Canada and around the world.

      Conclusion/Implications/Recommendations: There is concensus that existing elder-care service models cannot scale to meet the increasing demand. New, innovative approaches are necessary to drive solutions through technology and partnerships linking the private sector with clinicians and scientists. The unprecedented scale of investment in CABHI by Federal and Provincial Governments and by industry in CABHI is now bearing fruit -- evidence is emerging that the private, public and academic sectors are coming together to meet the challenge.

      140 Character Summary: The Federal, Provincial & private sector investment of $123M in the Centre for Aging + Brain Health Innovation is creating new clinical solutions & economic impacts.

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