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R. Desjardins

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    OS14 - Leveraging Successes and Lessons Learned (ID 21)

    • Event: e-Health 2018 Virtual Meeting
    • Type: Oral Session
    • Track: Clinical Delivery
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      OS14.02 - Measuring the Impact of Quorum: A Healthcare Quality Improvement E-Community (ID 480)

      R. Desjardins, Health Quality Ontario; Toronto/CA

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      Purpose/Objectives: In 2017, Health Quality Ontario launched Quorum, Ontario’s new open online health care quality improvement community. The mission of this community of practice is to collaborate, share experiences, and support innovation from idea inception through to meaningful improvement. To monitor progress towards these aims, we developed a performance measurement framework that incorporates four dimensions of knowledge generation with the concept of a community life cycle (Figure 1). a performance measurement framework for communities of practice.jpg

      Methodology/Approach: We selected performance measures across the four dimensions of knowledge generation (connection, content, collaboration, and value) and conducted an analysis to determine how to collect the data. To facilitate on-going monitoring, we used an enterprise intelligence tool (Microsoft Power BI) to create the Quorum Analytics Report (Figure 2).quorum analytics report.png

      Finding/Results: Since launching eight months ago, the Quorum community has grown to over 1,000 members. To assess collaboration, we monitor the number of questions, answers, and comments. To assess connection, we monitor total contributions, number of direct messages, and the number of friendships formed through the Friends feature. To assess content, we monitor the number of Lessons Learned, Projects and Posts. Finally, to assess value, we monitor weekly sessions, weekly new members, registration conversion rate, and active users. Results are summarized in Table 1. Summary of results from Quorum's measurement plan as of October 20, 2017 Dimension Measure Result Collaboration # of questions 24 Collaboration # of questions answered 21 Collaboration # of comments 108 Connection Aggregated content (Posts, Porjects, Lessons Learned, Questions, Answers, Comments, Feedback posts, and Group Messages 297 Connection # of messages 95 Connection # of friendships 801 Content # of lessons learned 7 Content # of projects 54 Content # of posts 49 Value Average weekly sessions 550 Value Average new members per week 43 Value Registration conversion rate 8.2% Value # of active users 187

      Conclusion/Implications/Recommendations: Communities of practice can support quality improvement by facilitating knowledge transfer and generation. To realize these benefits for Quorum, we implemented an ongoing performance measurement plan. This approach is being used to identify opportunities for improvement and to optimize knowledge-building capacity. For other planned communities of practice, opportunities exist to implement a more robust, holistic measurement plan from launch to help achieve their potential for sustained knowledge generation.

      140 Character Summary: We implemented performance measurement framework to monitor the impact of Quorum, an online community dedicated to health care quality improvement.

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