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K. Addison

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    PS03 - Driving Governance and Mobile Health (ID 23)

    • Event: e-Health 2018 Virtual Meeting
    • Type: Panel Session
    • Track: Clinical Delivery
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      PS03.01 - A National Approach to Information Governance (ID 336)

      K. Addison, Health Information Management, Alberta Health Services; Calgary/CA

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      Purpose/Objectives: There is a growing consensus that a consistent and comprehensive approach to information governance (IG) is required to support Canada’s health systems successfully implement digital health solutions capable of supporting both primary and secondary use priorities. This need is felt at local, jurisdictional and national levels. As such, it can be best addressed through joint development of a common IG framework that incorporates and clarifies roles for various stakeholder groups (ministries of health, regional health authorities, clinical/business/IT teams, care levels and sectors, vendors, etc.). Leadership on national coordination can make the local IG efforts more efficient by providing a common foundation to build from and guiding vendors to develop nationally aligned and locally relevant digital product and services. A national approach to IG is proposed as an essential support to achieving digital health goals across Canada.

      Methodology/Approach: This panel presentation, led by CIHI, will bring together digital health leaders from across the country to share their insights and expertise on the value of a comprehensive and aligned information governance strategy and on approaches being taken in various provinces. Specifically, each representative on the panel will highlight the approaches, challenges and progress being made in their respective jurisdictions (panel members will include Greg Webster, CIHI; Kathleen Addison, Alberta Health Services/CHIMA Board; Yoel Robens-Paradise, Providence Health Care). In response to the need for stronger national IG and consistent with CIHI’s role as a trusted source of standards and quality data, CIHI will describe how we can work with digital health leaders from across the country to develop a common approach to IG.

      Finding/Results: The combination of a robust information governance program and strong standards are foundational to achieving Canada’s digital health goals. In the absence of effective IG, digital health solutions typically incur higher costs and slower implementation due to the need for locally customized solutions. Establishing an effective and common approach to IG for broad use leverages broad expertise and resources to develop IG and makes it more efficient for all stakeholders to align with an effective approach, while still allowing some room for local customization. Information Governance is the combination of roles, responsibilities, and processes for the clear ownership, accountability and direction of data assets. Views from CIHI and provincial leaders on IG will be discussed and audience input encouraged.

      Conclusion/Implications/Recommendations: A successful national information governance program is needed to support digital health implementations across Canada. It should be: -Supported – by a range of digital health leaders from across Canada -Sustainable – like any other change management initiative sustainable information governance needs ongoing organizational commitment -Embedded – information governance should not be treated as something extra that needs to be done any time data is being managed. It needs to be thoughtfully incorporated into existing processes (e.g. the architectural gating process) -Measured – you need to know what the measures of success are for your information governance program to be a success.

      140 Character Summary: Leaders from across the country discuss insights and expertise on the value of a comprehensive and aligned information governance strategy.

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