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M. McBride

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    RF06 - Getting It Done: Bringing It All Together (ID 51)

    • Event: e-Health 2018 Virtual Meeting
    • Type: Rapid Fire Session
    • Track: Clinical Delivery
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      RF06.03 - TIDES Rehab - Using Technology for Rural & Remote Rehab Services (ID 255)

      M. McBride, Projects, Vancouver Coastal Health ; Vancouver /CA

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      Purpose/Objectives: The BC Ministry of Health Rural policy paper calls for improved access to health care services in rural communities, a reduction in travel for clients/patients in these communities and the use of technology to assist in service delivery. At present patients/clients face considerable expense and hardship travelling to the city for rehab services or go without the benefit of these programs. Telehealth units are present in each rural community but are not well utilized. There are very limited Rehab resources available in the Coastal Rural & Remote communities due to a shortage of skilled Rehab staff, the challenges of recruiting to rural/remote communities (other employment, housing, isolation, few services), and underutilization of technology and virtual care. The TIDES (Telehealth Innovation Deployment Education & Sustainment) Rehab team is a Rural & Remote Rehab service located in Sechelt BC. The TIDES team services the Sunshine Coast, Powell River, Bella Bella, Bella Coola and Sea to Sky communities with the goal of providing early discharge service to patients coming from hospital/rehab centers to home for local rural rehab. The mandate is to fully utilize the potential of Telehealth as a platform for Rehab service delivery

      Methodology/Approach: The OT/PT/SLP provide therapy to patients in person at their local hospital Rehab area, and virtually via Telehealth. Therapists will work closely with the Rehab Assistants to carry out treatment. Rehab is short term and goal directed with an emphasis on building connections with community resources and programs. Ipads are used as a tool in all therapeutic work with clients. Clinical sessions are held via Telehealth with the Therapists, Rehab Assistants and clients. Remote communities are accessed via Telehealth for client sessions in First Nations Health Centers in cooperation with First Nations Health Authority Telehealth Services.

      Finding/Results: *Population Health: ·Strengthened chronic disease management programs ·Lower mortality rates ·Heightened feelings of cultural safety ·Improved collaboration with partners in care delivery (FNHA, First Nations Health Centers) ·Stronger understanding of patient needs and community complexities Experience of Care: ·Improved access to healthcare services within the community ·Reduction in travel outside of the community ·Improved continuity of care due to consistency of providers ·Quicker repatriation of patients back to their communities ·Consistent quality of care delivered across the CoC Per Capita Cost:* ·Reduced patient travel costs ·Faster discharge of rural patients from acute settings ·Reduced ED visits and acute care utilization ·Greater flexibility to address shifts in demand/volume ·Less reliance on in-community FTE via the virtual healthcare delivery model

      Conclusion/Implications/Recommendations: *Quantitative:* -Client journey -Service Delivery model based within home communities in rural/remote settings -Reduced travel to the city- patients/clients seen in their home communities -Reduced expenses for patients/clients and VCH -Recruit skilled professionals to go into rural/remote communities -Meet the needs of the community to provide rehab services closer to home. -Better health for communities, innovate for sustainability in health care

      140 Character Summary: Virtual Rehab delivery through the TIDES Rehab proram allows us to leverage and promote the use of technology to care for clients in rural and remote communiteis.

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