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M. Muraca

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    RF06 - Getting It Done: Bringing It All Together (ID 51)

    • Event: e-Health 2018 Virtual Meeting
    • Type: Rapid Fire Session
    • Track: Clinical Delivery
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      RF06.04 - Standardize Electronic Medical Record Tools and Templates (ID 399)

      M. Muraca, Quality Improvement, North York Family Health Team; Toronto/CA

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      Purpose/Objectives: Background: Improving the quality of the electronic medical record (EMR) and reducing medical errors are critical factors in the provision of successful patient care. Embracing the use of information technology and EMR to provide evidence-based medicine readily available at the point of care has had a major impact on achieving these goals. Incorporating evidence-based information into patient care requires making the right information available at the right time. EMR documentation using templates can play a key role in improving the efficiency of data collection, and ensuring all relevant elements are collected in a structured format. In addition, consistent and standardized clinical data play a key role in measuring and monitoring the quality of healthcare delivery. Context: The North York Family Health Team (NYFHT) is one of the largest in Ontario serving 92,533 active patients. NYFHT comprises of 84 family physicians, 52 Interdisciplinary healthcare professionals, 20 physical sites, two different EMR systems operating on seven in-house servers. Purpose: We identified the need to create a centralized process to review and update all existing EMR forms and templates, particularly the chronic disease management forms and templates across our multisided organization.

      Methodology/Approach: Approach: To improve consistency of patient care, data sharing and quality of reports, the NYFHT has formed a data standardization committee responsible to promote and support standardization of EMR data entry. Terms of reference were developed to define the goals and objectives, responsibilities and the scope of work. The committee meets every other month and reports to the Information Management/ Information Technology Committee at the FHT.

      Finding/Results: Findings: The committee has identified the following priorities to work on: periodic health review templates, diabetes flowsheet, asthma action plan, UTI encounter form, EMR reminder installation in patient charts, and renewal of existing vaccination lists within the EMR systems. Once these forms are reviewed and revised, they are trailed to evaluate their accuracy by volunteer physicians and nurses prior to releasing to the entire FHT. Currently, the committee has accomplished the task of reviewing and updating several forms against current best practice guidelines. These forms have also been standardized and released for use among FHT physicians across the two EMR systems. In 2016-2017, 7 EMR forms and templates reviewed against most recent clinical guidelines and revised, 4 EMR system reminders and alerts were developed to prompt providers to provide care needed, 62% of NYFHT providers adopted the newly developed Periodic Health Review templates.

      Conclusion/Implications/Recommendations: Implications: EMR documentation and data optimization are the cornerstone of effective patient care. The quality of healthcare data impacts every decision made along the patient care continuum. The demand for accurate and reliable data has never been more important. Involving the right team members and ensuring effective implementation and adoption across the team is the foundation for building an effective and successful process that will help improve patient care through meaningful use of EMR systems.

      140 Character Summary: EMR standardization, involving the right peple and ensuring effective implementation and adoption across the team play a key role in improving patient care.

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