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A. Arsenault

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    OS20 - Patient Connectivity Goes Mainstream (ID 32)

    • Event: e-Health 2018 Virtual Meeting
    • Type: Oral Session
    • Track: Health Business Process
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      OS20.04 - Engaged Patients Are Driving Healthcare Innovation and Efficiency (ID 453)

      A. Arsenault, TELUS Health; Vancouver/CA

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      Purpose/Objectives: Almost 50 percent of provincial budgets are now consumed by healthcare, with 30 percent of health system resources going to 12 percent of the population. How can healthcare respond to spiraling costs, especially high for a small number of chronically ill patients? The answer lies in patients themselves and their demand for the digital health technologies that will deliver dramatically more efficient care for all Canadians. Global leaders believe empowered patients create better value care. In fact, research tells us that patients who are less engaged cost the health system between 8 and 21 percent more than those who are engaged. Fortunately, patients today are playing a more active role in their own healthcare than ever before. Access to personal health management tools and information are motivating people to be more proactive about their health and wellness goals. In a world where the ubiquity of the Internet and powerful smart phones are transforming business models and entire industries, personal health technologies can empower people to access and manage their health information anywhere, anytime. This presentation will illustrate how the demand for personal health technologies is driving better health management – and better health.

      Methodology/Approach: Citizens are looking at ways to be part of the healthcare decision-making process, communicate electronically with their care provider and access their results anytime from any location. As a result, personal health technologies such as patient portals, Personal Health Records, virtual care tools and health monitoring solutions are now widely available. Patient self-management and engagement are having remarkable effects on health outcomes and costs. This presentation will present stories and results from personal health technology implementations across Canada.

      Finding/Results: Better access to patient health information, particularly for patients with chronic diseases or those located in remote areas, is proving to reduce healthcare system costs, increase patient satisfaction and improve overall population health. In addition to significantly reducing medical travel for patients and providers, we’ve seen that personal health technologies are reducing hospital admissions by 71 percent and ER visits by 43 percent, resulting in a significant cost savings per patient. We will provide results from a range of patient engagement implementations across Canada.

      Conclusion/Implications/Recommendations: Providing digital health tools that engage patients to play a central role in their own health ultimately drives better health outcomes at lower cost for all Canadians.

      140 Character Summary: Patient demand for personal health technologies is driving better health management – and better health.

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