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    RF07 - Techniques to Accelerate Innovation (ID 28)

    • Event: e-Health 2018 Virtual Meeting
    • Type: Rapid Fire Session
    • Track: Health Business Process
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      RF07.05 - Hamilton Health's Ecosphere Pipeline for Digital Technology: Calling All Innovators (ID 138)

      K. Porter, Research and Innovation, Hamilton Health Sciences; Hamilton/CA

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      Purpose/Objectives: One of the biggest challenges that health care startups face is gaining access to the health care environment while they are developing their products, in order to gain insight and feedback from end-users. How does a hospital build an innovation pipeline for health technology start ups? How can hospitals help accelerate commercialization, and create a market for the adoption, procurement and diffusion of these solutions? In the fall of 2017, Hamilton Health Sciences embarked on the Health Ecosphere project to create a launchpad for technology solutions that have the potential to transform the health care system. Hear the story of how the Hamilton Health Ecosphere curated innovative solutions directly related to our enterprise needs, and embedded them within our hospitals so that we could play a role in shaping the technology to best benefit our patients and the health care sector.

      Methodology/Approach: Our Health Ecosphere projects were grounded in mutually beneficial partnerships to health care providers, patients, and families. A common thread ran through these partnerships: a positive patient experience through technology. To begin, the Hamilton Health Ecosphere defined our requirements, and then put out a call to entrepreneurs for expressions of interest. We requested that they outline their solution, and provide an overview of themselves, their business, and their innovation. Selected entrepreneurs presented their innovative technology at a Health Ecosphere event, where we had the opportunity to listen to each company's pitch. After the event, we selected entrepreneurs to introduce to our clinical teams at Hamilton Health Sciences. Companies selected include Cloud DX, who have developed a connected health solution that provides a better way of collecting vital signs remotely, unifying the clinical and home monitoring experience, and shortening the patient length of stay. mHealth Solutions utilizes a holster to more consistently monitor post-operative patients, while also allowing suitable patients to be discharged from the hospital within 24 hours. GeneBlueprint empowers users with the ability to access, understand, and benefit from knowledge of their personal genetics so they can live healthier lives through personalized fitness and nutrition plans, while HealthQR simplifies medication management by connecting the patient, and their medical records, directly to nearby pharmacies through a mobile application. Each company's solution addressed a component of the patient journey, and leveraged technology to enhance and elevate the patient experience and overall patient outcome.

      Finding/Results: Our project is still underway. We anticipate that bringing researchers together with businesses to develop technologies that can help coordinate care across systems that previously operated in silos will be of benefit to both patients and the health care system.

      Conclusion/Implications/Recommendations: We are using leading practice to evaluate the benefits of the project, referencing Canada Health Infoway's Benefits Realization Framework. We have integrated a benefits evaluation plan into our project plan to ensure alignment. Given current fiscal pressures, hospitals face a strategic imperative to consider fundamental changes to their operating model. Leveraging technology to enhance and elevate the patient experience and overall patient outcomes will be a component of this transformation.

      140 Character Summary: Hear the story of how the Hamilton Health Ecosphere curated innovative technology solutions related to our enterprise needs and embedded them within our hospitals.

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