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M. Muia

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  • OS30 - Enabling High Value Analytics (ID 44)

    • Event: e-Health 2018 Virtual Meeting
    • Type: Oral Session
    • Track: Clinical Delivery
    • Presentations: 1
    • OS30.06 - From the Boardroom to the Bedside:  Transforming Care Through Analytics (ID 236)

      M. Muia, Information and Technology, Baycrest; Toronto/CA

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      Purpose/Objectives: This presentation will highlight how the implementation of a collaborative approach to performance measurement and management improved outcomes at one hospital. Specific areas of interest include the implementation of electronic unit level scorecards with cascading Key Performance Indicators, automated workflows and the roll out of a consultancy model. The objective was to enable the achievement of strategic and operational goals through timely information and knowledge.

      Methodology/Approach: Our business intelligence portal was upgraded and re-designed to provide a real-time data on how our key performance indicators (KPIs) are doing against a set of established targets. KPIs were cascaded down to program and unit levels from the corporate scorecard. To enhance transparency and accountability, all clinical and non-clinical leaders have access to the business intelligence (BI) portal and data is available at any time through the hospitals intranet page and on mobile devices. Electronic workflows were designed and implemented. These workflows facilitate tiered leadership review of the performance of all KPIs; enable the entering of comments and action plans and approval of these by the appropriate leaders. Workflows are enabled through e-mail notifications with links to the BI portal. A consultancy model of support was implemented to compliment the unit based scorecards. The consultancy model is an organizational structure where analysts from decision support, finance, human resources and quality work together to support the customer with consultation and advice to improve performance. The overall goal of the consultancy model is to ensure the leaders have access to information they need to provide quality patient care, plan the right programs and services to meet the needs of the patients and clients in an efficient and effective manner. The quality improvement team is linked in when it is identified that quality improvement initiatives are required to improve performance in a specific area.

      Finding/Results: Since the implementation of the new system, a number of corporate indicators have shown marked improvement indicating the new model is having positive effect. Two specific examples: Weight Loss is one of the KPIs monitored through the unit based scorecards. A target of 9.8 % was set. Performance of this KPI showed 13.5% of patients having weight loss. Detailed analysis by the consultants demonstrated areas of focus in order to improve performance. Quality improvement initiatives were implemented which resulted in a significant decrease in the percentage of patients who experience weight loss. Most current performance at Q2 17/18 is 2%. Weighted patient days is another one of the KPIs monitored through the unit based scorecards. Targets for this KPI were not being met. Not meeting the target for this KPI can have a significant negative financial impact to the hospital. Deeper analysis and interprofessional collaboration including process and quality improvement initiatives have significantly improved performance in this indicator.

      Conclusion/Implications/Recommendations: The roll out of electronic unit based scorecards coupled with a consultancy model significantly increased uptake and use of data and have driven up performancre across the board.

      140 Character Summary: A collaborative approach to analytics enables the translation of strategic objectives from the boardroom to the bedside and improves outcomes.

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