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S. Hagens

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  • PS06 - Digital Health Engagement Through Benefits and Data (ID 45)

    • Event: e-Health 2018 Virtual Meeting
    • Type: Panel Session
    • Track: Executive
    • Presentations: 1
    • PS06.01 - Connected Health Information in Canada: A Benefits Evaluation Study (ID 611)

      S. Hagens, Evaluation Services, Canada Health Infoway; Toronto/CA

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      Purpose/Objectives: Effective, timely sharing of patient health information among care providers is central to quality of care. Important progress has been made in the implementation, adoption, and use of electronic systems that are connecting health care providers with the information they need to provide care. In Canada, jurisdictions have created connected health information through interoperable electronic health records (iEHRs) which provide access to drug, lab, diagnostic imaging, immunization information, as well as clinical reports from multiple care settings. The objective of this panel is to discuss how connected health information is transforming health care in Canada. More specifically panel members will discuss: 1) the current landscape of connected health information; 2) impact of connected health information against expected benefits; 3) jurisdictional experiences with use and optimization of systems; and 4) how to sustain and spread the value of connected health information to transform healthcare.

      Methodology/Approach: In 2017, Canada Health Infoway undertook a study to understand the adoption, use and impact of connected health information across Canada. This study, based on national clinician studies, project research and evaluation, valued the effects of the foundational iEHR infrastructure as accessed through different point of care solutions in different care settings. Panelists will address a number of key activities that were undertaken as part of the study: measurement of the adoption of the iEHR; assessment of the benefits accruing from connected health information through review of available evidence; and key informant interviews with provincial/territorial stakeholders to understand the current and future use of connected health information nationwide.

      Finding/Results: The pan-Canadian Study on Connected Health Information calculated benefits accruing to health care system stakeholders (patients, providers, health system). Benefits substantiated by evidence include reducing duplication of lab and diagnostic imaging tests, enhancing timeliness of care, more effective ambulatory care and emergency department interactions, optimizing scope of practice for clinicians and improving equity in care through the availability of health information. Financially quantifiable benefits were driven by improvements in clinician and clinical practice productivity; avoided health system utilization due to improved patient safety; reduced patient time and expense, and reduced duplication of diagnostic tests. Equally as important but difficult to quantify are benefits related to improved access to information for clinicians. A majority of clinicians now have access to connected patient information either through integrated point-of-care systems or through separate web-based viewers. In some jurisdictions integrated iEHR viewers are available where clinicians are accessing connected patient information through a single solution such as their main clinical record system. Over 300,000 health care providers across Canada are currently accessing the iEHR through one of these methods, compared to 170,000 two years ago.

      Conclusion/Implications/Recommendations: Panelists will provide clinical and health system leadership perspectives on what has contributed to the impact seen to date and how health leaders can move forward to sustain, spread and achieve further value through the use of iEHRs. Discussion will focus on priority focus areas such as interoperability, advanced functionalities that enable e-referral, e-consults, and the use of the foundational iEHR infrastructure to support patient portals and analytics.

      140 Character Summary: Connected health information is transforming care in Canada. More than 300,000 health care professionals and their patients are realizing widespread benefits.

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