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    OS23 - Looking Through the Data Lens (ID 38)

    • Event: e-Health 2019 Virtual Meeting
    • Type: Oral Session
    • Track: Executive
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      OS23.03 - Lessons from the Field: Nova Scotia’s EMR Migration Deadline (ID 412)

      Michael Kelly, Mara Consulting; halifax/CA

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      In this presentation, Christine Grimm, Senior Executive Director, Investment and Decision Support with Nova Scotia?s Department of Health and Wellness (DHW), and Michael Kelly, EMR Migration Senior Project Manager (Mara Consulting) will provide the audience with successful strategies used to implement a large-scale change in Nova Scotia?s approach to community-based electronic medical record (EMR) systems. Christine and Michael will describe how Nova Scotia responded to a vendor-initiated sundown of the provincially hosted solution. While there were several other EMRs in use across the province, approximately 70% of primary care physicians and 29% of community-based specialists in the province had adopted the provincial system. Over a two- year period, they will have moved from a provincially hosted and supported EMR ? Nightingale on Demand (NOD), to a model where providers will work with and be supported by one of two existing EMR vendors certified to operate in the province. Topics will include how to: ú Develop a governance structure to support a large-scale migration in a unique, complex environment ú Successfully migrate over 3000 health care providers and clinical staff from a provincially-hosted EMR to one of two private sector EMR products in a two-year period ú Build positive relationships with stakeholders in a multifaceted dynamic landscape

      Methodology/Approach: Nova Scotia?s approach to the migration includes the following: ú Building a new governance structure within an evolving digital health landscape ú Completing a pilot phase to ensure EMR vendors have the capacity to comply with provincial migration and data standards ú Assembling a dedicated project team of existing NOD support resources and external consultants to streamline processes and implement a comprehensive change management strategy to encourage adoption ú Providing financial incentives to compensate physicians and their staff for the time spent validating patient records and training on their new EMR

      Findings/Results: ú As of October 2018, over 50% of providers had committed to migrating to a new EMR.

      Conclusion/Implications/Recommendations: ú Stakeholder engagement is key ? understanding your stakeholders? perspectives and what else is happening in the bigger context is important to understand when building project and engagement plans ú Ensure the governance structure for the project and its ongoing success within broader digital landscape includes all of the key stakeholders ? representation from health care providers, government, health authorities, vendors and the medical association

      140 Character Summary:
      Nova Scotia?s key success factors in a large-scale change to EMR solutions and governance in a unique and complex digital health landscape.

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