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Kimberly Lalonde

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    PS06 - Digital Health Innovation Across Canada (ID 41)

    • Event: e-Health 2019 Virtual Meeting
    • Type: Panel Session
    • Track: Executive
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    • Coordinates: 5/28/2019, 02:30 PM - 03:30 PM, Pod 4
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      PS06.02 - Digital Health Roadmap: A First Nations-Led Strategy in Ontario (ID 79)

      Kimberly Lalonde, Nipissing First Nation Health Services, Nipissing First Nation; Garden Village/CA

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      A foundational level of digital health capacity is a necessity for First Nations health centres to manage their service delivery responsibilities. Not only is this true simply for efficiency, client-safety and privacy, but interacting electronically is the de-facto standard for coordinating care with provincial partners ? essential given the limited scope of health services available on-reserve. Recognizing the importance and urgency for digital health capacity in First Nations health centres, the First Nations Health Information Management in Ontario Initiative (FNHIMiO) developed a Digital Health Roadmap to support transition from paper-based processes and position First Nations in Ontario to access and use digital health tools best suited to their needs. Guided by a group of experienced First Nations Health Directors and clinical champions, FNHIMiO has systematically assessed requirements, identified corresponding tools, developed implementation processes and successfully supported several First Nations to build a foundation to effectively work in a 21st Century healthcare environment.

      The FNHIMiO Roadmap approach follows a simple, pragmatic sequence: First Nation Health Centre Health Information Needs Review and Initial Change Management Privacy and Security Enhancement and Change Management Assist with Local System Adoption, Use and Change Management Support Access To/Use of Provincial eHealth Systems Develop and Implement Sustainment Model Key to this is the willingness of an initial group of First Nations to experiment with, refine and validate the Roadmap approach. Once validated, the approach is extended to other interested First Nations. In this way, FNHIMiO is now extending foundational P&S support to many First Nations, establishing information sharing agreements with provincial agencies, enabling immunization program coordination with provincial systems, and enabling access to provincial digital health assets.

      The Roadmap approach is currently being followed by several First Nations across Ontario. The number of First Nations health centres who are benefiting from enhanced P&S capacity, digitally-enabled communications with provincial partners, and local digital health tools that improve efficiency, ease reporting burdens and improve client safety is steadily growing. Requests from other First Nations for assistance is similarly growing, as is support from First Nations leadership to leverage the work of FNHIMiO, and digital health capacity in general, to address inequities in health care for First Nations community members and support First Nations Health Transformation objectives.

      The FNHIMiO Roadmap approach is working. It is helping First Nations take a needs-based approach to build digital health capacity. By taking a methodological and pragmatic approach to integrate care processes with provincial partners, FNHIMiO is reducing overhead and enabling the adoption of standard models that can be extended and sustained. It is recommended that provincial partners explore opportunities to coordinate around the Roadmap approach and that First Nations in other regions explore its adaptability for their own benefit.

      140 Character Summary:
      A digital health Roadmap is bringing benefits to First Nations clients, providers and partners and supporting Health Transformation.

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