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Seema Nayani

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  • OS30 - What's New in Medication Management (ID 51)

    • Event: e-Health 2019 Virtual Meeting
    • Type: Oral Session
    • Track: Clinical and Executive
    • Presentations: 1
    • Coordinates: 5/29/2019, 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM, Room 200 C
    • OS30.06 - Stakeholder engagement and e-prescribing (ID 159)

      Seema Nayani, Canada Health Infoway; Toronto/CA

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      This presentation details Canada Health Infoway?s approach in the implementation of a national e-prescribing service. As this innovation has the potential to change how healthcare is delivered in numerous settings, stakeholder engagement is an important part of its long-term development.

      As part of its feasibility study, stakeholder engagement and feedback informed the service?s creation and development, and ongoing feedback from users and other stakeholders continues to inform its evolution. A governance structure was established to help develop and inform the services future advancement.

      A feasibility study was the first step in developing the service to ensure the Canadian healthcare system was digitally enabled to support national e-prescribing. Stakeholders helped to identify and refine the service to address the challenges faced by community prescribers and pharmacists in the prescribing process and core functions and detailed specifications were further validated through a REOI and RFP process. This led to the business requirements of the service and the limited production release (lean approach) for rollout. Ensuring seamless integration into the clinical systems (EMR and PMS) was accomplished by workflow analysis onsite in the practices of prescribers and pharmacists, ahead of implementation. Once the service was initiated, support was provided via multiple avenues. Onsite support was provided, feedback was collected in end-of-day reports, follow-up calls and feedback sessions were held where prescribers and pharmacists were brought together to discuss the end-to-end experience. A formal engagement structure including working groups and task forces was then launched to ensure meaningful consultation and structure the feedback from key stakeholder groups. The service is currently live in two provinces and plans for additional jurisdictions are underway.

      Stakeholder engagement helped achieve successful initial implementation of a national e-prescribing service and will continue to inform its evolution. Prescribers and pharmacists are now starting to adopt the service that they helped design and that meets their community prescribing challenges.

      140 Character Summary:
      Stakeholders are helping to inform the development and evolution of Canada?s national e-prescribing service.

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