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Michael Decter

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    Opening Keynote (ID 55)

    • Event: e-Health 2019 Virtual Meeting
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      Health Care and eHealth in the Age of False News and AI (Now Available) (ID 560)

      Michael Decter, LDIC Inc.; Toronto/CA

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      Timothy Caulfield wrote a powerful critique of ill informed celebrities reshaping public opinion on health and health care. He titled his book Gwyneth Paltrow is Wrong About Everything. Professor Caulfield has 30,991 twitter followers. Gwyneth Paltrow’s has 2.9 million twitter followers.

      In a social media age where the American President with 20 million twitter followers makes public policy by tweet, how can health and healthcare be based on evidence and knowledge.

      How can dangerous ideas such as the anti-vaccine movement be counted and repelled?

      As technology is ramping up its disruption of healthcare, artificial intelligence (AI) can play a huge role in solving many high cost healthcare problems. The FDA recently set up a new division with AI expertise. and permitted the marketing of an AI based medical device. At first, most of the approvals will likely be analytics that assist doctors but in certain cases the AI will be allowed to provide diagnostics. Radiology is seen as ripe for disruption by AI.

      The role of eHealth is essential. If health care providers are to make evidence based decisions as well as combatting fake health news they need real time access to both evidence and to patient level information. Canada has made a large investment in eHealth and evidence at all levels of the healthcare system. The next few years will be a time of delivering the results to providers and most importantly to patients. As the Boomer generation increases its contact with the health services system due to chronic disease they will be seeking a much more informed journey. Boomers also come equipped with Iphones and an addiction to the eWorld. They are surprised when a physician or pharmacist in Canada faxes their prescription. Will we be able to deliver that informed journey and supported patient journey that they expect?

      Michael Decter will base his presentation on his three decades of experience as Ontario Deputy Minster of Health, Chair of CIHI and the Health Council of Canada as well as Chair of Saint Elizabeth Healthcare. His recent experience as Chair of Patients Canada, Medavie Blue Cross and Ontario SPOR-OSSU will also be drawn upon.

      He will explore this challenge with humour, wit and optimism. Yes there are reasons for hope- yes the Internet is not all false news and yes we as a species are getting healthier on a global basis due to better evidence and better communication. And there is much to be done by the eHealth community to support our progress.

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