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Ewan Affleck

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    PS01 - AI and Smart Technology in Patient Safety Management (ID 3)

    • Event: e-Health 2019 Virtual Meeting
    • Type: Panel Session
    • Track: Technical/Interoperability
    • Presentations: 1
    • Coordinates: 5/27/2019, 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM, Pod 4
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      PS01.02 - Focusing on What Works in Healthcare Innovation (ID 551)

      Ewan Affleck, Canadian Medical Association; Yellowknife/CA

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      This panel will examine ways to inspire greater innovation in healthcare by discussing the existing innovation landscape in Canadian Healthcare and the barriers standing in the way of innovations that can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of care delivery. These experts will explore potential solutions based on decades of experience working within health technology innovation and studying the system.

      These four experts will explore potential solutions to the problem of low rates of health-tech commercialization based on decades of experience working within health technology innovation and studying the system. Rohit Joshi - Heath tech CEO and lawyer with experience on both sides of the border who has lectured on compliance and patient privacy across North America Feisal Keshavjee - National Chairperson of the Canadian College of Health Leaders, Managing Director KWC Consulting (a boutique health strategy consulting firm), former head of Health strategy for Ernst & Young Consulting Dr. Deepak Kaura - Chairman of the Board of Directors at Joule, Chief Medical Officer at 1QBit, Founder at Imagine Innovation Framework Dr. Ewan Affleck - Family physician, Board of Directors at Canadian Medical Association, Former Chief Medical Information Officer in Northwest Territories where he was awarded the Order of Canada for his work to bring all patients and providers onto a single EMR.

      Canada ranks 9 out of 11 top developed nations when looking at Care Process, Access, Administrative Efficiency, Equity, and Health Care Outcomes. Canadians spent the equivalent of 10% of GDP on healthcare in 2014 while many higher-ranked countries spent less ( Commercialization of health technology innovations can create cost efficiencies and improve health outcomes. These speakers have experienced what works first hand,

      Examining the Canadian health innovation landscape will provide insight into what?s holding us back, and provide guidance for a strong path forward.

      140 Character Summary:
      Canadian healthcare innovation suffers from barriers in ideation, pilots, commercialization and procurement. What?s working in Canada?

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