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Chi-Cheng Chu

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    EP01 - Technology Innovation, Telehealth (ID 8)

    • Event: e-Health 2019 Virtual Meeting
    • Type: ePoster Session
    • Track: Technical/Interoperability
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    • Coordinates: 5/27/2019, 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM, Pod 9
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      EP01.01 - Innovated HospitalĀ IT Support from Reactive to Proactive (Now Available) (ID 278)

      Chi-Cheng Chu, Information Services, North York General Hospital; North York/CA

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      With digital health journey advanced, number of new applications and computing devices increases dramatically and so does support demand. Hospital IT support team is facing a number of challenges in maintaining the SLA (Service Level Agreement) and struggles to do more with the same level of resources on hand. At North York General Hospital (NYGH) Information Services Helpdesk (IS Helpdesk), compliance rate of SLA drops below 60% and the team requires 25% more FTE to keep up the demand at its peak time. Hospital users waited much longer in receiving the support or getting their working devices back. Patient care is suffering and directly impacted ? delayed or sometimes cancelled. Will be sharing with audiences on what methodology/innovated solutions were developed and implemented; how the team went from 25% under-resourced to giving back 6600 hours to patient care; and how they turned IT support from largely reactive mode to more consistent proactive actions.

      NYGH IS Helpdesk has implemented many innovated solutions, highlighted solutions in last 18 months below. 1. Shift Left Methodology: Shift-left for the IT Helpdesk is the movement of IT support closer to the operational frontline and the end user/customer. 2. Walk-in Support Centre: A community focal point that bridges the gap between hospital personnel and traditional IT support (level 0 and level 1). 3. Preventive Maintenance (PM): Time spending on Preventive Maintenance is much less than the time spending on recovering a system after an incident. 4. Scan to reset password: an in-house tool was developed and equipped at the Walk-in support centre aiming to cut down the password reset process from minutes to seconds. By scanning a hospital badge, staff can obtain a new password and come back to their normal duty in 30 seconds.

      - System incidents has dropped more than 550 tickets every month (23%) from its peak time. - IS Helpdesk team shifts its workforce from Incident Resolution (drop from 58% to 37.5%) to Proactive Maintenance (increase from 0% to 20.8%). - Phone support is among the top performers comparing to other professional support centres: Item Professional Support Centre NYGH IS Helpdesk Average Speed to Answer 28 secs 14 secs Abandon Rate 8% 7% Call Duration 4 mins 3.05 mins Percentage of Password Reset Calls 33% 4%

      This presentation provides quick tips, pros & cons, and lessons learned from NYGH?s experiences. Audience takes away a solution of improving employee productivity, increasing efficiency and enabling innovation & value creation in the healthcare environment.

      140 Character Summary:
      Technology is the backbone of digital health. IT teams can get from this session on how to keep innovating solutions and show the values to the senior leadership team.

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