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George Gellert

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    EP01 - Technology Innovation, Telehealth (ID 8)

    • Event: e-Health 2019 Virtual Meeting
    • Type: ePoster Session
    • Track: Technical/Interoperability
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    • Coordinates: 5/27/2019, 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM, Pod 9
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      EP01.02 - Clinical Impact and Value of Workstation Single Sign-On in 19 Hospitals (Now Available) (ID 332)

      George Gellert, Christus Health; San Antonio/US

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      CHRISTUS implemented computer workstation single sign-on (SSO) in 19 community hospitals. SSO technology utilizes a badge reader placed at each workstation where clinicians ?tap? their identification badges for expedited access to the EHR and related software. Executive management at CHRISTUS had expressed concerns about the costs and value of SSO implementation, thus a team assessed how much impact, if any, SSO was having on clinician workflow, efficiency, and value.

      Following implementation of SSO, login time duration was sampled systematically in 128 logins during a 7 day period across 8 hospitals selected randomly from 19 facilities, one from each of the 8 regions within the CHRISTUS enterprise. Mean first of shift login duration and mean reconnect login duration was compared to durations pre-SSO implementation. Dollar values of time saved were assigned to 3 groups of clinical end users: physicians, nurses and ancillary service providers. Total per facility and enterprise-wide clinician time liberated from keyboard are reported in hours and dollars saved per week and per annum.

      Following SSO implementation, first of shift login was reduced by 5.3 seconds and reconnect login duration in the balance of the shift was reduced 20.4 seconds. Total weekly time savings enabled by SSO was 943.4 hours across 19 hospitals, a mean of 49.7 per facility. Annually, 49,056.8 hours of mixed clinician time was liberated from keyboard, a mean of 2584.4 hours per facility per year. The annual dollar value of clinician time liberated from keyboard was $3,201,001 and $168,474 per hospital per annum. screen shot 2018-10-22 at 10.01.57 am.png screen shot 2018-10-22 at 10.02.05 am.png

      A critical implementation lesson learned was the recognition that in order to achieve the best performance of SSO technology, migration to the cloud and a virtual desktop with a thin client should be considered before implementation. In these 19 hospitals, SSO is an effective and highly cost-effective method to liberate clinician time from repetitive, time consuming logins, and delivered real, meaningful liberation of clinicians from keyboard. The recurrent, ongoing annual dollar value of this time liberated by SSO for clinicians to focus on providing patient care exceeded the one time initial implementation costs of SSO, and far exceeded its recurrent annual cost to the system.

      140 Character Summary:
      CHRISTUS Health?s new computer workstation single sign-on (SSO) platform reduced clinician log-in time, improved workflow, and delivered bottom-line savings.

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