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Narissa Dharamshi

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    OS01 - It's All About the Patient Outcomes! (ID 1)

    • Event: e-Health 2019 Virtual Meeting
    • Type: Oral Session
    • Track: Clinical Delivery
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      OS01.01 - Implementing a Patient Portal in a Paediatric World (ID 124)

      Narissa Dharamshi, Information Services, SickKids; Toronto/CA

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      Provide an overview of the people and processes involved in the implementation of a patient portal in a paediatric setting. Outline the benefits and challenges of sharing the same portal across two paediatric organizations who went live on the same system at different times. Detail the strategies necessary to achieve engagement and adoption from both patient populations. Inform audience of lessons learned and provide a glimpse at the future-state roadmap planned for both hospitals.

      Each organization had unique implementation approaches given they went live with varying project scope and in different years (2015 and 2018). Extensive collaboration was required between the two hospitals to review shared system settings including those impacting consent requirements, release of information (e.g., results) to portal and communication between patients and providers. Both organizations chose to implement outpatient areas in a pilot phase with a subset of clinics and form official working groups to facilitate decision making. There was heavy engagement from representative stakeholders including communications and privacy. Each organization engaged patient and family representatives or existing family advisory councils to obtain valuable feedback prior to, during and post-implementation.

      The sequential implementation of patient portals in two organizations allowed for enhanced planning and decision making for the latter organization and facilitated re-analysis of important issues for the former organization. The pilot areas informed broader rollout strategies, both with patients/families and clinic staff. Adoption of portal differed in varying specialties (and by organization) due to patient populations and provider/clinic engagement and likely perceived portal utility. Patient portal implementation in a paediatric setting sparked interesting discussions surrounding policies around adolescent vs. parental/guardian access to personal health information. As clinic activation spread, new questions arose given the unique specialty-specific patient populations impacted. The working group membership - clinicians, patients/families, communications and privacy staff - proved to be a great resource for decision-making and facilitation of larger discussions required at an organizational level. The working group was an ideal venue to vet communication and training materials for the portal to establish consistent messaging across the organizations. Once live, the project teams had to balance resolving go-live issues with appetite from clinical and patient/family communities for advanced portal features and functionality. The working groups for both organizations continue to play an important role in defining priorities and establishing expectations beyond the initial implementation.

      Involving key stakeholders early on in the process was a success factor for each organization. Having working group members weigh in from the planning stage through implementation and beyond was critical to drive communication, implementation and post-live strategies. Strongly encouraging clinic champions or ?hype? staff proved to contribute to a clinic?s success in increased patient/family activations and engagement. Creating and providing ample communication and training material from the onset helped to facilitate each clinic activation and reduce the burden on the project team. There are benefits and challenges with sharing the same portal across two organizations. Building a solid relationship between the organizations to reach consensus on shared system settings and share lessons learned proved valuable for each hospital.

      140 Character Summary:
      Two organizations effectively implemented a shared paediatric patient portal. Keys to success were engaged, representative working groups at each organization.

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